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As developed as Anna Maria Island is,  it is still quite a natural paradise. Recently, we had visitors from Marco Island,  the last really built-up area south of Naples. They live in a high-rise condo on the beach, and can’t believe how lovely and relaxed AMI is compared to their place. We get that all the time.

On these pages, I hope to bring you news from time to time of what makes AMI special, as a really natural kind of place. To visit. To live. To enjoy.

So what do you want to know? Are you buying? Homes, condos, duplexes? Rental-type properties? Waterfront? Near the beach? On a deep water canal?

Or are you selling? Need to know what your property is worth? How long it will take to sell? What you need to do to get ready?

You can let me know what your questions are, and I’ll fill you in. Right now, Anna Maria Island is undergoing a metamorphosis, in which our sleepy, laid-back place in the sun is being transformed into a dynamic tourist destination. That’s both good and bad, depending upon with whom you speak.

And I’m happy to speak with you about whatever your concerns may be. Taxes? Flood insurance? Traffic? Beach renourishment?  Just let me know.

John van Zandt, Realtor